Football Visors

The Importance of Football Visors

American football is a sport which involves a lot of physical contact. There is always a risk of injury as the players collide with one another often on the field. In modern times a lot of protective gear has evolved which aims at minimizing the risk of injury and making the game more enjoyable. Football visors are among such inventions.  These visors are not only protective gear, but also help in improving the performance of the athletes on the field.

If you are considering buying yourself a football visor, you need to look at the following aspects before making a decision:

How does a football visor help me improve my game?

Football visors will help you improve your game by giving you confidence through providing you protection against unwanted fingers poking you in the eyes while playing the game; it also makes it impossible for your opponent to grab your football helmet and suffer a painful facemask tackle. They can also be pretty useful if you wear glasses or contact lenses as prescription football visors eliminate the need for wearing them.  Football visors are essential protective gear if your eyes are sensitive to light (Photophobia).  You should protect your eyes from sudden exposure to any kind of light in this case as it will not only cause discomfort, but can also result in giving you a slight headache. It also helps keep the harmful UV rays of sunlight out of your eyes.

How can I find out if I am allowed to have a football visor in my helmet?

Before ordering your football visor, make sure you check with your coach or your athletic director about the regularities regarding football visor. If you have a medical condition talk to your team physician or doctor, you need to get yourself checked by a registered doctor who can give you a prescription for a football visor.

What should I look for when I buy a football visor?

When you buy a football visor be sure that it fulfills the purpose for which you are purchasing it. You need to make sure that:

  • It is comfortable to wear
  • It easily detach and attach to the helmet
  • It provides you excellent visibility
  • It is light weight
  • It is Breathable
  • It has an anti-fog feature
  • It is scratch resistance
  • It is resistant to stress cracking
  • It provides excellent protection.

The best way to make sure that you are buying the right football visor for yourself is to take your helmet along with you and try on different available brands. When trying on be sure that you read the description of the football visor, this will tell you about its feature and will let you know exactly what you are holding in your hand. There are many brands available. Some visors are even available in tinted shades so be sure to ask beforehand if your coach will allow tinted football visors or not as they are not allowed by some leagues. They are also considered to be a medical risk especially if a head injury occurs as a paramedical staff needs to check for eye reaction before risk removing the helmet.

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